Partners of the Cherokee National Forest (Partners)

Serving 10 Tennessee counties, including Carter, Cocke, Greene, Johnson, McMinn, Monroe, Polk, Sullivan, Unicoi, and Washington.


The Partners of the Cherokee National Forest (Partners) was founded.


Approved as a 501c3, acquired over 7,000 acres of forest land by CNF. Funding: William B. Stokely, Jr. Foundation. ($2,000)


Published informational literature including means to contribute, volunteer, and join. Funding: Tucker Foundation ($5,000), NFF ($15,000)


Developed historic Unicom Turnpike Trail, promoted counties located within the CNF, establish support levels for CNF contributors, create website, produce video titled “Partners-Who Are We”, developed 3-5 year Strategic plan, created branding strategy, published Partners Newsletter. Funding: Tucker Foundation ($5,000), NFF ($15,000)


Funded wood and wildlife projects, constructed educational displays for schools, worked to eradicate Hemlock parasites (Spent $10,000). Funding: NFF ($26,000).


Continued to work on eradication of Hemlock parasites ($5,000). Funding: National Bank of Tennessee ($10,000), Tucker Foundation ($5,000).


Co-recipient of “National Making Tracks With The Forest Service Award”, began raising funds for the Pinnacle Fire Lookout Tower Rehabilitation (Projected $150,000), participated in “Bat Blitz” ($3,000), conducted the first “Eco-Days” event.


Hosted the “Hemlock Special” fundraiser, teamed up with Walmart on outdoor work projects, accepted new 5,000 acres, conducted Eco-Days event. Funding: Fundraising train ride ($10,000), Walmart donated ($7,000), Alcoa, Inc. ($69,000 for study), Tucker Foundation ($5,000), Fundraising for Pinnacle project ($51,000).


Conducted “Eco-Days”, published newsletter, updated website, began operation of CNF outlet store sales. Funding: “Tower Raising” fundraiser ($5,000).


Conducted “Eco-Days” event, began CNF “Adventure Map”, worked to re-establish brook trout, supported snorkeling program, Partners support grant proposals CNF for $20,000. Funding: Walmart stores ($10,000)


Conducted “Eco-Days” event, completed Pinnacle Fire Lookout Tower, performed trail maintenance and cleanup, expanded merchandise offerings at retail outlets. Funding: Walmart ($3,000).


Conducted “Eco-Days” event, published and sold the “Adventure Map”, expanded website.


Conducted “Eco-Days” event, granted Wildlife and Fisheries scholarship ($1,000), evaluated installation of a “TRACK Trail” in one county, with intentions to eventually establish them in each of the 10 counties within the Cherokee NF, evaluated possible expansion of “Eco-Days”. Funding: Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga ($2,500).


Conducted “Eco-Days” event, established an Interpretive Association, met with Lee Curtis, Director of Program Development/Legislative Liaison, TN Department of Tourist Development.


Conducted “Eco-Days” event, commissioned a TRACK Trail at the Chilhowee Trail, (estimated $9,800), joined the Public Lands Alliance, managed the publication of a regional Outdoor Recreation Map in collaboration with the US Forest Service, National Park Service, Blue Ridge Parkway, Blue Ridge National Heritage Area, North Carolina State Parks, the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development, Cradle of Forestry in America Interpretive Association, Great Smoky Mountains Association, and the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation.


Conducted “Eco-Days” event,  updated informational brochure, co-hosted a stop-over display of the US Capitol Christmas Tree en route to Washington, DC, published “Outdoor Recreation Map” of Southern Appalachian Public Lands (estimated $12,000), created to supplement the map, completed the first TRACK Trail, redesigned Partners  website, established plans for expanding TRACK Trails to other counties in the Cherokee NF.